Blaupunkt CAPE TOWN 940 Car Stereo

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Blaupunkt CAPE TOWN 940 Car Stereo

The best of many worlds

Knob vs. big touchscreen: the eternal dilemma for drivers who want to add in-dash video and navigation to their car. I can appreciate a good, solid knob for quick volume changes, but I hate to give up all that screen real estate for maps, album artwork, and video playback. Blaupunkt's Cape Town 940 navigation receiver offers a great compromise for folks like me who want it all: a beautiful, generous 6.8" touch display AND a knob. It might be a small thing compared to all the other cool stuff this receiver does, but it's a great way to get my attention.

The Cape Town 940 boasts built-in GPS guidance, Bluetooth® connectivity, and a host of other features you'll find in most other navigation receivers. What sets this travel companion apart is its Wi-Fi compatibility, which connects you to the Internet just about anywhere through your tethered smartphone or another Wi-Fi hotspot. It also offers an Android™ operating system, making it future-ready for all your road-ready app needs. And no matter if you're an Android or iPhone® smartphone user, you'll be able to "mirror" your phone's screen on the Cape Town 940's display, for large-screen control from the driver's seat.

Android operating system

Blaupunkt built the Cape Town 940 around an Android operating system, giving you intuitive control and the ability to update its software easily. You can download and use select apps for the road right through the stereo, and you'll have plenty of customization options for the interface and background graphics. If you're an Android phone user, you can control the music stored on your phone through the Cape Town 940 by engaging the Blaupunkt Music Player app. And Blaupunkt includes a wireless remote control so your rear-seat passengers can get in on the action.

Five-star maps for the 6.8" display

Take the Cape Town 940 for a spin as it provides reliable directions across all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico using maps from iGO primo. It also offers millions of points of interest for when it's time to find gas, food, lodging, and more. Lane guidance ensures you'll be in the correct position for your next turn, and you can see realistic views of many complicated intersections for easier navigation. Certain areas will be shown with 3D graphics for buildings, landmarks, elevated roads, and terrain so you can orient yourself more quickly. You'll also hear turn-by-turn directions, plus audible alerts when you're going over the speed limit.

Call and stream music hands-free with Bluetooth

The Cape Town 940 offers Bluetooth connectivity by Parrot, an industry leader. You'll be able to make and take calls using your compatible phone through the stereo. You can communicate through the stereo's built-in microphone, or use the included external microphone lets your callers hear you clearly. Twin Connect enables the pairing of two phones to the stereo at the same time. Built-in A2DP technology allows you to stream music from your smartphone through this receiver.

Mirror Mode puts you in touch with your phone

Blaupunkt's Mirror Mode allows most Android smartphone and iPhone users to interact with their phones through the Cape Town 940's 6.8" screen. Just connect your phone to the stereo with a compatible HDMI cable (or combination of cables), and you'll see whatever's on your phone mirrored on the radio's display. More than that, you'll also be able to control your phone through the radio.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

It's pretty simple to get online from your smartphone just about anywhere these days, but wouldn't you rather surf the web on a beautiful 6.8" screen? The Cape Town 940's Wi-Fi compatibility lets you hop onto an available network outside your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Or you can bring your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot or tethered smartphone along for the ride and jump online that way. Whichever way you go, you can take advantage of the receiver's gorgeous display to employ the built-in web browser.

An A/V delight

Two sets of A/V outputs let you send movies or other video content to external video monitors, so you can keep the whole crew happy when you're on a road trip. Dual-zone capability means you can send video from a DVD or another source to your rear-seat monitors while enjoying your favorite radio station or other music up front. You can use the 5-band parametric equalizer to shape your sound, and the full complement of preamp outputs includes a dedicated subwoofer output with low-pass filter and level control.

Overflowing with entertainment options

You can plug your iPod® or iPhone into the front USB port, or jack a satellite radio or other device into one of the two available audio/video inputs. A dedicated rear USB input works wth your vehicle's rear-seat entertainment system, so your passengers can check out videos from a flash drive while you enjoy music up front. You'll find two more rear USB ports for additional A/V options or for the Wi-Fi dongle.

CDs or DVDs are covered too — including discs loaded with MP3 or WMA files. Load some SD cards with your top road tunes and access them through the receiver's front card slot as well. And a dedicated input on the rear panel accommodates an optional rear-view camera to let you get in and out of tight spaces more easily.

The Cape Town 940 features a connection for an optional satellite radio tuner, so you can enjoy SiriusXM's extensive programming with your subscription. You can listen to your chosen channels no matter where you roam coast to coast, and view the channel art on the big screen.


RMS Power Output (watts) : 22
Brand : Blaupunkt
Android Based Stereo : YES
Ipod Compatibility : YES
Model : Cape Town 940
Bluetooth : YES
AUX Input : YES
Wireless Remote : YES
CD Drive : YES
Preamp Voltage (V) : 3
Number of EQ Bands : 5
Radio : YES
Stereo Type : Touchscreen
Number of Preamp Output Channels : 4
Mirror Link : YES
RMS Power Bandwidth (Hz) : 20 - 20000
Screen Size (Inches) : 6.8
Navigation : YES
Peak Power Output (watts) : 55
SD Card Slot : YES
USB Input : YES
Android Compatibility : YES
Price : 54990
Reversing Camera Input : YES
Apple Carplay : NO
DVD Drive : YES
MRP : 54990
Built-in GPS : YES
Android Auto : NO

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