KICKER, launched in 1973, is a US based company which aims to provide concert like audio quality across a wide volume range with renowned bass and accurate sound in a kicker way.

Delivering the toughness, power and portability you need to experience the music you love, Kicker offers a wide range of pro speaker systems worldwide. With the evolution in Audio, the company pushes the limits of audio design technology and continues to be on industry’s cutting edge.

Now you can experience the roar of a concert or the thrill of a thunderous bass in your very own car, with Kicker speakers. With its crystal clear sound detailing, it gives your music the missing raw force and power. Music, as we all know is a mood setter so keeping that in mind, the company promises to deliver on the accuracy, impact and raw emotion in your music.

Autosphere offers a wide range of Kicker products at unbeatable prices. For today’s audio conscious motorists, the website serves as a one stop car portal and caters to all your automotive needs.


The offerings and recommendations by Autosphere include :


  • Sub-woofers Kicker sub-woofers gives the legendary bass and the missing raw force in your favourite music. It creates a realistic sound experience and avoids distortion. Autosphere recommended model is Kicker 10CVR124 CompVR 12" subwoofer.

  • Amplifiers If you have a Kicker amp in your ride, it means you’re livin’ loud. A good amplifier is required for a speaker to work at it best!

Autosphere recommended model is Kicker CX-3004 4 channel amp.

  • Speakers Providing much more than just a powerful audio gear, Kicker speakers are one of a kind, delivering the thrill of a booming bass. Autosphere recommended model is Kicker DSC6934 6" x 9" 3-Way Speakers